Sunday, June 26, 2016

Time to Kick Things Into Gear...With Your Help!

A lot has been going on in the brewery lately.  We are putting the finishing touches on the expansion that was begun way back in October and are on track to start packaging our beer in cans in August. We are still a small operation in the grand scheme of things but we are constantly growing at a reasonable and sustainable pace.  Now that we have a lot more tanks we need help keeping them full so we are looking to hire a full time SECOND SHIFT brewer real soon.

If you have ever read one of our job postings before you know that I don't mix words when it comes to what we are looking for in a candidate and what the job entails.  Working in a brewery is no picnic. It is hot, sweaty, repetitive labor most of the time.  Contrary to popular belief we do not just sit around and drink beer all the time.

This position will entail all aspects of wort production on our (mostly manual) 7 BBL brewhouse including the following:

- Milling and moving grain.
- Operating several different pumps and valves to facilitate lautering/run-off/whirlpool and knockout.
- Transferring and treating brewing water.
- Cleaning the brewhouse and preparing materials for the next shift.

Some light cellar work may also be included from time to time.

Necessary Qualifications

- Must be 21 years of age and legally allowed to work in the United States.
- Ability to work a SECOND SHIFT schedule after an appropriate (30-45 day) training period on first shift.
- MUST have a working knowledge of all-grain brewing from grain to glass.  Commercial brewing experience and/or education is HIGHLY DESIRABLE.
- Good mechanical aptitude and ability to understand simple pump and valve controls as well as a reasonable understanding of fluid and gas flow dynamics.
- Must be meticulous in their attention to detail and able to follow procedures and instructions to the letter as well as fill out data logs completely.
- Must be able to multi-task. 
- Must have a good mixture of analytical common sense as well as a desire to think outside the lines when needed.
- A simple understanding of basic chemistry is highly desirable as well.
- Must have a basic understanding of beer styles and off-flavors. 
- Should be able to communicate well with others and comfortable speaking to groups.
- Ability to work independently with little supervision.
- Ability to lift and move 55 pound bags of raw materials.

Compensation will be based on experience.  We do not offer any other benefits at this time.

We need this position to be up and running very soon so I can't stress how important it is that we need someone with a working knowledge of brewing science.  If you have no idea how beer is made but are a "fast learner" please do not bother to apply.  Also, if you are interested in a position other than what is posted here, please do not bother to apply as we are only hiring for this position at this time. Only the most qualified candidates will be contacted for follow-up so please don't take it personally if you don't receive a reply.  I will post back to this blog as well as our other social media outlets once the application window has closed.  After that NO RESUMES will be accepted.

Please email all resumes to  Do not call or deliver anything personally to the brewery. EMAIL ONLY.  Please type "I know how to brew!" in the subject line so I know that you have read this entire post.

Thanks for reading!


We are no longer accepting applications for this position.  Thanks!