Sunday, June 24, 2012


Now comes the part I hate.  Sales.  In a lot of ways I've been dreading this day.  It's the part of this whole operation for which I am the least experienced and have the least tolerance.  In my former career I had to deal with salesmen making cold calls all the time.  I used to hate it and now I have to do the exact same thing.  I'm sure most bar owners hate it too.  They have a lot more important things to do than deal with some goofy looking guy trying to sell them something.  But hey, at least I'm selling beer and not cleaning supplies.  No worries though.  I'll get to meet lots of new people and hopefully make some new friends along the way.  I am starting with a "soft launch" and have already hit a few local establishments.

I don't really want to do a big "launch party" until all three beers are ready.  After having to dump a batch, I want to make sure everything is just right before planning any events.  I'm still working out the kinks in the process (I'll spare you the technical details) which is making the batches take a little longer to get finished than I would like.  It is an iterative process and with every batch things are getting a little better (and easier).  I have a batch of Movin' On ready to go, and another in process.  The first batch of Pour...Wait...Repeat will be ready in a few days.  Ryesing Up is taking a while as the Saison yeast is very finicky.  That beer probably won't be ready until around the middle of July.

So here's where I need your help.  As I mentioned earlier, I have already hit a few places in the area around the brewery to make some sales.  So far its been tough sledding.  When you are cold calling there's about a 20% chance that the person you need to talk to will be there when you show up.  Sometimes they don't have room for you on tap right now, and sometimes they "only buy from XYZ distributor because they give the owner Reds and Bengals tickets".  That last one is a true statement told to me at one restaurant (the distributor name has been withheld to protect the guilty).  Anyways, as I roll out around town to "peddle my wares"  it would be great if everybody could start putting the word out around your favorite watering hole that there's a new brewery in town.  When I go into a place to make a cold call my chances are better if the owner already has heard of me and has had people asking about Blank Slate.  Also, if anybody has any suggestions for places I should make a sales call, let me know.  I'll add them to my list if they aren't already on there...

Thanks for your support and maybe I'll see you out there "on the road"...


  1. Believe it or not, the Catskeller at UC might be a good place. They a) love craft beer and hold events all the time, and b) sell a boatload of beer to the point that their taps are on a constant rotation. I used to spend quite a bit of time there and I can say that they are very open to new things. They also have nitro available, should that be something you want to mess with in the future. Also, get with Hoperatives; they are good people and helpful folk. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Kyle. They are definitely on my list. I used to work in the old bowling alley bar in TUC years ago when it was $.90 for an 8 oz cup of Bud, Miller Lite or Killians. Needless to say when I was the only one working, a lot of Killians went missing...

  2. Archer's Tavern in Centerville, Ohio has a special tapping a single craft beer every Wednesday. I don't live up there anymore, but am sure that they are always looking for something new.

  3. Wild Mike's on the west side!

  4. Have tried FlipDaddy's they seem to like craft beers.

  5. Check with 4EG - they operate several establishments that carry multiple craft taps (like the Lackman in OTR, the Righteous Room in the CBD, and Keystone in Covington.)

  6. Try Salem Garden in Anderson Twp. They're close to your "office" and are relatively craft friendly.

  7. Thanks all. I will look into all of these.

  8. Consider posting on the blog those locations where you get your stuff for sale! Is it only Olive's right now?

  9. maybe Gordo's in norwood and fairfield?

  10. Thanks everyone for the ideas. Keeping up with the different places that have it from one day to the next is proving to be difficult. I am posting on FaceBook when new places get a keg, but I can't always be for sure when they actually tap it or when they run out. I'll see what I can do about posting on here from time to time what's available where...

  11. Hi Scott,

    If you ever make it into KY, and I hope you do, Party Source in Newport and also Party Town in Florence are pretty open to having new/local breweries bring in their kegs for the growler stations. Party Town has a tasting every Friday, and it'd be great for them to do a "locals" night and get all the new guys in there with some kegs and growlers for purchase. I'm eager to try your beers, but as a resident of KY, I guess I'll have to wait a bit. If there's anywhere in OH I can go to try it out, I'm definitely up for the short drive.



  12. Eric, I'm working on the Kentucky stuff, but its going to take a bit. As of right now I know that the following locations have a keg, but I have no way to know for sure if it is still tapped or not. Thanks!

    Gordo's - Norwood
    Olive's - Clifton
    The Comet - Northside
    Teller's - Hyde Park
    Allyn's - Columbia Tusculum
    Japp's Annex - Downtown
    Dilly Cafe - Mariemont
    MayDay - Northside
    Chameleon - Northside
    Marty's Hops and Vines - College Hill