Sunday, February 5, 2012

Past the point of no return...

Ok.  The point of no return was actually quite a while ago.  Somewhere between signing the lease and signing for a loan you realize there's no going back.  But I guess you could say I passed the emotional point of no return the other day.  Last Thursday was my last official day at my "real job".  Sure I'd only been working part time for the last 5 months, but there's something about having a steady paycheck that makes you feel like no matter what happens with the brewery everything will still be alright.  I guess you'd call it the safety net effect.

I worked there for nine years and made a lot of good friends so it was a bit of an emotional day.  After finally closing that chapter of my life I had a bit of a cathartic moment.  No more dealing with empty-suit venture capitalist #*%hole owners.  No more daily exposure to toxic chemicals.  No more working for a company that puts a truck full of plastic in a landfill everyday.  Of course this also means I'm technically unemployed.  An even trade?  No.  I'm way ahead.  Even though my security blanket is gone and there's a decent chance this whole endeavor could fall flat on its face, I wouldn't go back even if I could.

And that's what it's all about.  Whether its making beer or selling lamps, it's about following a dream (and telling "the man" where he can stick it)...

P.S.  Sorry for the sappy post.


  1. Congrats! Live life with no regrets.

  2. It takes guts to get out there and go for it. Keep your head up, stay true to yourself, and make some damn fine beer. If you do that, success will find its way to you!

  3. i've finally had the chance tonight to sit down, sip a craft beer (wish it was fork in the road) and read through this blog front-to-back. this post just stood out for me so i had to comment.

    its been about 9 months now since this past and from an outsider looking in it seems like you are on the right track to success. of course that can be measured in many different ways. in my book, that fact you took a shot at your dream qualifies as a success regardless of the outcome.

    i hope you continue to maintain the blog. thanks for allowing us to feel along for the ride (without all the physical labor).