Monday, January 23, 2012

Moving Day!

Building construction is 98% of the way done.  The floor is sealed.  Nothing left to do but move in.  Man, I thought this day would never come.  And it almost didn't.  It's just my luck to pick the morning after an ice storm to rent a 24' box truck to move all of my big equipment from it's undisclosed storage location about 30 miles away from the brewery.

In retrospect, it probably would have been a good idea to postpone since there was only one treated lane on I-71 and it wasn't treated very well.  But plans had been made, the truck was already rented, and help had been arranged so there was no turning back. It's fun driving a big truck, but not so much on ice.  After quite a bit of finagling we managed to get the truck there in one piece.  It was colder than a "cold activated" Coors Light which made things all the more fun but we got it all done (except for a few small straglers that wouldn't fit in the truck. (Yes we filled a 24' truck and still didn't get it all in).

Have brewery, will travel.
So on one hand I'm ecstatic that everything is finally here.  On the other hand, now all I see is lots more work.  Since most all of my equipment is used it means that very little is ready to "plug and play".  Most everything needs some amount of work done to it.  Whether its as simple as just needing a good cleaning or as complicated as needing some welding, EVERYTHING needs something.  So as much time as I've spent constructing the space, I can't rest on those laurels as there is now just about as much work to do to get all the vessels ready to brew.  Luckily this work is a little more fun than hanging drywall....

It's starting to get crowded in here.