Monday, November 21, 2011

Construction Update 11-21-11

Sorry.  Sorry.  Sorry.
I've been doing a terrible job of keeping this thing up to date.  My goal of posting at least once a week hasn't been working out too well.  For some reason I don't seem to have much spare time lately (wonder why?).  So here's a brief rundown of what's been cooking the last few weeks.  Unfortunately there's no tanks or anything to look at yet, just boring construction stuff so maybe it's not all that bad that I haven't been posting a lot...

If you have visited the Facebook page lately you may have seen the pictures from the floor cutting fun my friend Todd and I had a few weeks ago.  30 feet long, 14 inches wide and 5 inches deep.  Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since I rented the "proper tools" for the job.  Unfortunately now I have to dig out about 7 more inches of fill that is almost as hard as the concrete itself was!  Still stewing on the best way to tackle that.  I have the pre-fabbed drain material ready to go so I'm going to have to figure out something soon.  Any suggestions short of renting a backhoe?

When it was time for the saw and jackhammer to go back I replaced it with the next "toy" - a scissor lift.  I need to use this to do some work on the ceiling, specifically fixing all the burned out lights and covering the insulation.  Dangling 20 feet in the air on a wobbly platform stapling a piece of plastic 12 feet wide and 55 feet long to the ceiling has proved to not be as much "fun" as it originally might have seemed.  I'm about 8,000 staples into it but I'm halfway home. Hope to be done by the end of this next weekend.

My brother-in-law Phil spent the better part of a few days getting the new front door put in too.  It's nice to have an "official" entrance and not have to open and close a garage door to get in and out, especially now that it is getting colder outside.

Best of all I got a call today from the electricians and it looks like they are going to start running wire tomorrow! Things will really be moving along quickly once they get going...

Just a door, but it's MY door!

Scissor lift view of the current "mess".

Grandpa's trusty hammer....